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Michael Brinkworth – Wasted Wonder
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Michael Brinkworth made us happy with his second album 'Wasted Wonder' which was released on May 21st. The Australian artist is based in Berlin, where together with his full band he recorded this line of beautiful country tracks.
Bennykaay – On My Mind
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Recently, we have increasingly seen pop-punk mixed with other alternative styles of contemporary music as hip hop, trip hop, trap. Bennykaay connected his pop-punk with the trap in the new single 'On My Mind'.
Lena Minder – Fall Again
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Folk music is also a longing for home and nostalgia for the wonderful world we had as children. Lena Minder is a Swiss who has been living and working in Berlin lately. Her latest single 'Fall Again' was released on June 11 and brought us a new granule of her art.
Patches – Life After Life (Super Cut)
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Patches is a music project by Patch Dennis based in Hamburg. Patch is a talented drummer and composer who decided to jump into jazz to develop as a musician in this style. His single 'Life After Life' (Super Cut) is primarily a rhythm with his groove.
Strange Souvenirs – Nothing2
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'Nothing2' is a new epic composition by the German band Strange Souvenirs. The single was released on May 13th and it immediately liked by all fans of psychedelic ballads.
Xufa – Dunes
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Exciting, intoxicating atmosphere prevails in the new single 'Dunes' by Israeli artist Xufa. She is based in Berlin and it is from there that we receive streams of her creative potential. In the single 'Dunes' we hear echoes of the same music of the future that every critic talks about, but does not know exactly what direction its river will go.
Joanna Gypser – shadow heart
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German singer-songwriter Joanna Gypser has already received recognition from the jury of song contests in her country and in Europe. Her next step is to bring her work to the maximum number of listeners and search for their kindred spirits among them.
Anaté – 3am
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After Ana met Andrea in 2019, a duo called Anaté was formed between creative people. Since then, their creative union has been founded and sealed with great songs. One of them is the duo's latest single '3am'.
Fish And Scale – Unmask Myself
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It's nice to listen to music if the author is musical and his musicality is felt in the smallest details. Listening to the new single 'Unmask Myself' by German singer-songwriter Roland Walzlein who named his project Fish And Scale, we feel a living stream of wildlife and the energy of human feelings.
Molone – You Stay With Me
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Molone's sweet singing will fascinate all fans of the combination of alternative rock and indie music. Artist Molone released his debut single 'You Stay With Me' recently and declared himself as a creative unit of the modern German alternative scene.