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JAXL – Rice
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Fresh as a gust of sea wind, loud as a seagull's cry, soulful as a choir of sailors - this is how the new single of the Parisian band JAXL can be described in a few words. Their single consists of two stunning tracks that was released on June 4.
Speak Easy Circus – Company of Man
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If we had a hit parade we would choose one of the places of honor for the new single by Scottish band Speak Easy Circus. The guys from Glasgow released 'Company of Man' on May 28.
Phillip Good – Everything
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The moment when the new single begins to be listened to and distributed on playlists is called a success for an indie artist. This happened with the recent work of American singer-songwriter Phillip Good.
Gingsu – Road Song
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California is also can be sad. When we say goodbye to someone forever or so, if the loss is imminent and the road separates us then it's time to sound the track 'Road Song' from the band Gingsu. These guys from the coastal Laguna Beach know what the ocean is and its gusty winds.
Peace Love And Gloves – Hold On
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Peace Love And Gloves guys from the south coast of England are coming back to us with their new single 'Hold On'. Their new work is in the style of funk-rock with cool recitative verses from the band's vocalist.
Disco Kane – Hollywood
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A completely new band that came to us from Mexico City was formed only on January 1, 2021. It's called Disco Kane. Created as a formation of creative people in response to the challenges caused by the coronavirus.
Joe G – Compelled, Searching for Love
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Last month, a video from English artist and multi-instrumentalist Joe G was released. Everyone who says that the times of video clips in the past are cunning because the video is not what slows down the song, but on the contrary helps to reveal the content of the musical work and look at it from a completely different angle.