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Sldghram 1er – Le marteau et l’enclume
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French electronic musician Sldghram 1er released his new album 'Le marteau et l'enclume' on November 23. This is a collection of electronic music that includes love for ambient, techno and classic.
J Coubz – A brief moment of peace
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'A brief moment of peace' is one of the new singles of the French musician and composer J Coubz. This musical composition is extremely attractive with its space and breadth.
Dame Zina – Fairytales
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The French synthpop duo Dame Zina consists of a father and daughter who are great in their creative collaboration. Their new album 'Fairytales' was released on October 31 and consists of 14 tracks.
Larmes Noires – Vertigo
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On the eve of the release of his debut full-length album, the French artist Larmes Noires released a double single 'Vertigo'. The release includes two instrumental compositions that invite us into his dark and disturbing world of creativity.
La Biche – Éther
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Paris-based artist La Biche continues to impress us with her unique creativity. Her new single 'Éther' was released on October 26 and graced her growing catalog of music.
Frank Rabeyrolles – Japanese dreams
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'Japanese dreams' is the title of the new single of the French singer, songwriter and producer Frank Rabeyrolles. The song was released on November 3 and announced the artist's new album, which will be released in February 2024.
Joris Bon – Realist
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French pianist and composer Joris Bon released a new single 'Realist' on October 13. This song without words tells the story of a couple in love who travel in search of incredible sensations. Their spirit was captured by vivid emotions when they climbed the mountains and looked around.
JAGAS – Viens chez Moi
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'Viens chez Moi' is the title of the song and music video of the band JAGAS, which in translation in English sounds like 'Come to my house'. Indeed, the song has an important message about the joy, kindness and beauty of human relationships.
Go Sonny – And no birds sing
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The French artist Go Sonny debuted with the EP 'And no birds sing' on September 22. 5 original tracks await those who love an amazing combination of indie pop, new wave and synth pop.
Lewca – Boombap for Boomers
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On September 15, the new album of the French-based artist Lewca was released. The record is called 'Boombap for Boomers' and it consists of 13 original tracks representing the collaboration with the French DJ S.O.A.P..
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