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Marsh Family – If That Day Comes Round
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Marsh Family is a musical family group from Kent, UK who have been singing and playing great songs. Marsh Family very productive creative team that writes and records both their own music and interesting parodies.
Aldís Fjóla – Quiet the Storm
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Icelandic artist Aldís Fjóla presented her new single on November 22. The song is called 'Quiet the Storm' and now it shines like an original diamond in her colorful music catalog.
Robert Vendetta – Fool
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On November 21, Robert Vendetta released his new single 'Fool'. This is already the third release this year from this fantastic artist, whose songs have been listened to repeatedly even by the royal family.
Rosina Buck – Like a Lion
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The British artist Rosina Buck returns with the soulful single 'Like a Lion'. The song was written a few years ago, when Rosina Buck was going through a difficult period in her life.
Alexander Joseph – Stop and Breathe
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British singer-songwriter Alexander Joseph presented his new EP Stop and 'Breathe' on October 27. The four-track mini-album opens before us an incredible journey into beautiful and melodic folk rock.
Per Ploug – Piece of My Mind
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On October 19, Irish singer-songwriter Per Ploug released his sixth official single called 'Piece of My Mind'. The song was written on the Knoydart peninsular in Scotland while Per Ploug was on a songwriting retreat.
Claudia Balla – Winter Tale
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Swiss-based artist Claudia Balla presented her new full-length album 'Winter Tale' on October 13. This great conceptual work puts Claudia Balla in a row with the most interesting European artists and once again speaks of her talent.
Emily Nicole Green – Thief
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'Thief' is the new single from American singer-songwriter Emily Nicole Green. The song will be part of the artist's upcoming debut EP, which will be released on October 30. Emily Nicole Green has always written songs and only recently became an active independent artist.
Robert Vendetta – Here and Now
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On August 29, a new single by the Norwegian artist Robert Vendetta was released. The song is called 'Here and Now' and it is the second release of this year by this gifted singer and musician.
Chloé Sautereau – Ten Thousand Stories
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The Swiss singer-songwriter Chloé Sautereau recently moved to New York where she started a new life with new adventures and new stories. Her new single is called 'Ten Thousand Stories', in which she shares her new impressions of how diverse life is and how much it can give us.
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