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Marble Raft – Geography A
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Contemporary artists are releasing less and less full-length albums, especially conceptual albums. It's a pity, because such full-fledged works can best represent a certain period in the musician's work and have a better chance of perpetuating his name. Marble Raft is an indie pop duo from Stockholm, and they released an album which can rightly be considered a conceptually creative work.
Anna Luther – Greatest Love
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There is no more dynamic and lively, more dubious and tragic topic on our planet than the topic of love. Artists of all genres and generations are using this wonderful feeling for self-identification in this world through works of art. Anna Luther has a wonderful love song and it's called 'Greatest Love'.
Pariz – Taxi
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'Taxi' is an elegant composition by the producer Pariz. Based in Texas in the city of Fort Worth, 21-year-old musician produces his beautiful themes by presenting them to the public. The single 'Taxi' was released recently and got its life on the internet.
Regina Fae – A Town Somewhere
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The versatile artist Regina Fae sees her mission in telling stories that can inspire and teach. Singer author, poet and writer Regina does not give her talent to relax developing at the same time as a creator and a person.
Harp ‘n’ Quill – Alone (with the Wolves)
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'Alone (with the Wolves)' is the first and debut single from the promising EP of the American band Harp 'n' Quill. Actually, the band positions itself as a team of creative people who are ready to implement the ideas of their view on creative things.
Songs for Sabotage – High Fives
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If the Swedish pop of the 90s and the gothic-rock of the 80s met somewhere, this could only happen in America during the formation of the duo Songs for Sabotage. The great idea of ​​the music experiment definitely worked out and we recently got a new single by the band called 'High Fives'.
Jewelia – Maze
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During the lockdown, musicians from around the world made focus on what was available. And music home videos created in minimalist images have flooded the horizons of the Internet. At that time in London, a girl with a magical aura, filmed her single 'Maze'. Her name is Jewelia.