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dream pop
St. Tropez – Older Self
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St. Tropez was founded in 2007 in California, and since then musicians have always been close to creativity because music has been an important part of their lives. Recently, the band St. Tropez has released their second album, which mentally and morally complements their debut album 'In Pictures'. The new EP is called 'Older Self' and has included four original tracks full of dreamy sounds and indie vibes.
Amateur Aztec Hour – Vol. 0
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American artist Amateur Aztec Hour debuted with a full-length album 'Vol. 0'. The album received 13 original music tracks based on elements of lo-fi, hip-hop and trip-hop.
Ruto – Pan Dulce
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American artist Ruto presented his latest work in the form of an album called 'Pan Dulce'. The record has included 10 original tracks that are full of elements of hip-hop, Soul and indie music. All the parts for the album were recorded by Ruto on his own, thus putting a part of his soul into this record.
Stephen Caulfield – The Night Came For You
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British singer-songwriter Stephen Caulfield is preparing to release his 6th album and the first song from this album we can listen now. The single 'The Night Came For You' was released on May 20 and received four different arrangements that best reveal the theme of the composition with different shades.
Alexander Grandjean – Will You Still Be There
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On May 12, the new single 'Will You Still Be There' of the Danish singer-songwriter Alexander Grandjean was released. The artist is gradually moving to a new concept of his work as in the past he has worked in R&B and hip hop styles, and the new song really sounds fresh and romantic.
kirk & StarAV – Endless
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The collaboration between the Australian singer StarAV and the instrumentalist kirk grew into writing a beautiful composition 'Endless'. When StarAV noticed kirk's music in SoundCloud, he felt the kinship and harmony of that music with what inspired his own creativity.
My Friend The Chimpanzee – Twin Moons
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The new single from the Austrian music project My Friend The Chimpanzee is called 'Twin Moons'. The song was released on May 20 and is the band's third official release.
D’Addio – D’Addio
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The long-awaited full-length album of the London singer and multi-instrument D'Addio was released on May 5. The album was named 'D'Addio'. The artist already had experience of participating in an Indie band called ShirleySaid with which she recorded LP and 2 EP. When the time came, she decided to go on an independent creative path, fully immersed in writing and producing her own songs.
Odonian Drifts – Xsufflation
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On April 29, a new single of the British singer-songwriter Odonian Drifts was released. The song is called 'Xsufflation' and it the second official release of this mysterious poet-singer from Nottingham.
Chic Chameleon – Doomed
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The debut mini-album of the Canadian artist Chic Chameleon was released on March 25. EP was named 'Doomed' and included 4 songs revealing the life themes. Chic Chameleon is based in Edmonton, where he began his music career with the advent of the pandemic.
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