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Dream of a Man in a Top Hat – Cold Hard Dirt
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The Boston duo Dream of a Man in a Top Hat shared their new single called 'Cold Hard Dirt'. Their debut album was well received by critics, and now we have the opportunity to listen to their new release.
Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends – Strange Times Boogie
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Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends is the solo music project that was created in 2020 in Sweden. Many great musicians take part in this musical formation, investing a part of their experience in new songs which we listen to with pleasure.
Down South Pepper band – Son of a Gun
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On March 23, a new single by the Norwegian country band Down South Pepper band was released. The song is called 'Son of a Gun' and it takes us back to those dangerous times when a man without a gun meant nothing in the Wild West.
Lester Slade – Burnt Out Lightning
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Canadian Lester Slade at the beginning of the year presented his debut album 'Burnt Out Lightning'. This LP includes 9 tracks written and recorded for those who love amazing live music with true life stories. Last year Lester Slade recorded some great singles and now he is entering a new phase of his music career because the album it is already seriously.
Ian West – Songs Eila Won’t Dance To
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Ian West and his band released the EP 'Songs Eila Won't Dance To' at the end of last year. Their first mini-album consists of 5 tracks that received country sound and folk motifs.
Bob Gemmell – The Saint Of Everything
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Bob Gemmell recently presented his new song 'The Saint Of Everything'. The American singer-songwriter is based in Santa Cruz from where he shares his beautiful country songs.
Chucky Trading Co – Peace With The Devil
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'Peace With The Devil' is the name of a new single from the American music project Chucky Trading Co. Their debut album was released recently and presented an amazing collection of country and folk rock songs.
Rodeo FM – All The Things You Asked For
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The Berlin band Rodeo FM have a long history behind them with musical adventures that inspired the band's members to move on. They began their creative path in 2005 and have since expanded the influence of alternative country music in Europe.
Down South Pepper band – Boots And Overcoat
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'Boots And Overcoat' is the name of a new song from the Norwegian music group Down South Pepper band. Their memorable songs have already received good reviews and broadcasts on many radio stations around the world.
Mat Burke – Whiskey Christmas
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The new single by the American singer-songwriter Mat Burke is dedicated to Christmas and the various consequences of celebrating this extraordinary holiday. Of course, we can celebrate Christmas with our family at a traditional table but as well we can do it with our favorite drink and a deep immersion in our thoughts.
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