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Tim Camrose – Empty Roads
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British singer-songwriter Tim Camrose presented his new EP 'Empty Roads' on November 28. The new record contains 6 original tracks that sound with the sincerity and openness inherent in this artist.
Onemac Project – The Hermit Speaks
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Onemac Project was started in 2020 by two singer-songwriters Michael MacMahon and James O’Connor. Their previous musical background impresses with its variety of musical projects and all kinds of events.
Iridesense – Take Some Action
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American band Iridesense is back in full force with a new single 'Take Some Action'. The release of the new song took place on November 7 and presented a new page in the creativity of this experienced and interesting collective.
Kevin Walsh – Not a Dry Eye in the House
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Irish artist Kevin Walsh presented his new release to the world on October 27. Before us is the well-known song by Meat Loaf performed by Kevin Walsh. His love for Meat Loaf's work paid off and thanks to Kevin Walsh, this song got a new life.
Paul Bibbins – Disenchantment at a Distance
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American guitarist and singer Paul Bibbins recently presented his 4-track EP 'Disenchantment at a Distance'. The record is a reflection of Paul Bibbins' guitar talent and his ability to write original songs with colorful rock accompaniment.
Marshall Oakman – When Life’s Cold
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'When Life's Cold' is the title of the new single of the American artist Marshall Oakman. His music is full of beautiful melodies and amazing harmonies, which together with deep life lyrics create a special image of the artist.
Garland Kelley – Mortal
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Nashville-based artist Garland Kelley has unveiled his title single from his upcoming debut EP. The track is called 'Mortal' and it is a powerful song that touches on the themes of eternity and our attitude towards it.
Gary Dranow – Golden Child
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On August 1, a new single by the American singer-songwriter Gary Dranow was released. The song is called 'Golden Child' and it is dedicated to the love for our loyal dog friends.
Unca John – Your Opinion
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John Shea not only a musician, songwriter and producer, he is also a true economics professor. In his free time, under artist name Unca John he likes to play jazz music on the clarinet and saxophone, and recently he started writing rock songs. 'Your Opinion' one of those songs that came out on July 25.
WILLJACK feat Tom Tikka – Overnight Sensation
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Today we want to present an amazing rock song 'Overnight Sensation' recorded by talented musicians WILLJACK and Tom Tikka. The track was released on July 14 and has already become a sensation on both sides of the ocean in Canada and Great Britain, reaching good positions in the rock charts of these countries.
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