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Jeremy Rice – Why Do You Lie
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Canadian singer-songwriter Jeremy Rice recently shared a new single titled 'Why Do You Lie'. The release of a new song opens a new stage in the work of this talented and charismatic artist.
Mark Rosal – You Need a Woman
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Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Rosal recently released a new song titled 'You Need a Woman'. This single perfectly conveys the author's message about the importance of having someone who will always be our side and brighten our life with their presence.
Cynthia Hamar – Shaken
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Cynthia Hamar shared her new single 'Shaken' on June 24th. This Canadian singer-songwriter is an active representative of the local folk scene. On her creative path, three albums and miles of touring roads where she leaves a piece of herself on every stage.
Wotts – 6 Shooter
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Indie pop duo Wotts pleased us with their new release in which they used for the first time a collaboration with another Canadian artist. The single '6 Shooter' appeared in two author's versions, own original from The Desert Island Big Band and a new mix from Wotts.
AUS!Funkt – Turn To Rust
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On June 15, the long-awaited album of the Canadian band AUS!Funkt was released. The work on the record 'Turn To Rust' lasted a long time and also passed the pandemic distance. The guys from the band AUS!Funkt can be proudly with such a great record because the album focuses on strong songs with their dark aesthetics and hard minimalism.
Crash World – So The Story Goes
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'So The Story Goes' is the name of the full-length album from the Canadian duo Crash World. It was thanks to the collaboration of Glen MacLeod and Graham MacDonald that this wonderful album was created.
Mark Rosal – 7:43
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'7:43' is the name of one of the last singles of the Canadian singer-songwriter Mark Rosal. His great inner energy and deep understanding of the human motives always create a special aura that we follow and recognize the wisdom of life.
Whitbeck – January 22
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The debut album by Canadian band Whitbeck was released recently and gave us a lot of unforgettable emotions. The album 'January 22' consists of 12 tracks inspired by alternative music of the 90's and modern indie rock. All the songs were written and recorded on a sailboat and then mixed and mastered in a professional studio.
pisceze – Red Handed
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Canadian singer-songwriter pisceze released a new single on May 27. The song called 'Red Handed' is a great addition to her colorful and successful music catalog.
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Canadian indie pop duo Wotts released a new single 'LEMONADE' on May 19. The new song offers the latest developments of this music project that were created during the quarantine when the musicians were at a distance from each other.
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