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Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers – Yarden Blues
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Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers have released 'Yarden Blues', the second single from their upcoming album, due this summer. After a long creative break, the guys returned to an active creative life, and their new single is a great proof of this.
Derek Lee Goodreid – Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues
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Australian singer-songwriter Derek Lee Goodreid mixes the genres of rockabilly, blues and country in his work. His new single 'Born to Raise Hell & Sing the Blues' was released on June 10, the birthday of the legendary Howlin 'Wolf, who inspired Derek Lee Goodreid throughout his music way.
Loukia – Not a Nightmare
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The second official single from the Los Angeles artist Loukia was released on March 30. The song is called 'Not a Nightmare' and tells the story of the right decisions that lead to the rupture of hopeless relationships.
mUmbo – Swing My Hip
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The British duo mUmbo continues to delight us with their experiments in a combination of retro and alternative rock music. Their new single 'Swing My Hip' was released on April 8 and we listened with delight to this latest blues track.
The Blue And Gold – Honey In The Rock
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The Blue And Gold is a Canadian music project founded by vocalist Ndidi O and guitarist Trish Klein. Both musicians are experienced professionals and this is perfectly felt in their debut single 'Honey In The Rock'.
Yasmine Gill – Feel
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On January 12, a new single by the singer and musician Yasmine Gill was released. The song is called 'Feel' and it is performed in unsurpassed blues arrangements.
Louise Cappi – Hope
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Today we want to talk about the new album Louise Cappi, the daughter of the legendary jazz guitarist Al Cappi. Louise Cappi is a well-known jazz and blues singer in New Orleans and far beyond.
Jennifer Silva – Purgatory Road
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The American singer-songwriter Jennifer Silva recently shared her full-length album and the song 'Purgatory Road' is the main single from this record. Jennifer Silva has an extremely sensitive voice that enchants with its emotional and hypnotic vibrations.
Judy Granville – I’LL SURVIVE
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Judy Granville has gathered great musicians to record her new single 'I'LL SURVIVE'. The song was released on November 10 and received its video version.
Rj Bacon – Roslyn Street
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Sydney musician and producer Rj Bacon has released his new album called 'Roslyn Street'. He writes and records his music where he plays all musical instruments.
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