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Rushkeys - Mookee - Anhaga (Rushkeys Remix) (single)              AGGRASOPPAR - KONSEPTUALISERA SAMANHALD HVØRSÍNAMILLUM (single)              Michael Louis Austin - Cinnamon (single)              La Palma - After All This Time (single)              The Screaming Pope - Our Love Is Music (album)              Ollie Twohill - Stifled (single)                         
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POINT3NINE is a music project created by one person in Toronto, Canada. His records are primarily a love for experiments and refined taste. On November 30, a new album by POINT3NINE was released, which was named 'The iLLEST'.
Dame Zina – Fairytales
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The French synthpop duo Dame Zina consists of a father and daughter who are great in their creative collaboration. Their new album 'Fairytales' was released on October 31 and consists of 14 tracks.
Enik & The Paranormal String Quartet – True MF
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Enik & The Paranormal String Quartet is a new formation of the German experimental artist Enik who is known for his ability to mix stylistic directions and masterfully leave his original touches on the modern indie scene.
Emerald Suspension – Sounds to Hear Alone
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'Sounds to Hear Alone' is the title of the fifth album of the American recording artist Emerald Suspension. The release is a collection of tracks recorded over the past 2 years, many of which were made into videos with elements of avant-garde animation. Actually, this served as the head of this project.
Sara Möller – How and How
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'How and How' is the title of the third full-length album of the Swedish artist Sara Möller. There are 11 tracks on the record that impress with the originality of musical ideas and the high performance skills of the musicians.
Lump200 – Isles of You
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'Isles of You' is the name of the new album of the German music project Lump200 behind which is the musician and composer René Desalmand. His extensive and diverse experience gave the development of his music a really significant boost.
Sienná – Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku 和敬清寂
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The sixth full-length album called 'Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku' by Kyoto-born and Oslo-based musician and producer Sienná was released on May 16. As an experimenter and representative of the electronic scene, Sienna has achieved recognition among fans of serious music.
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'LCPD' is the name of the new single of the Berlin artist K4LT. The new release reflects the last two years in his life, which became his heaviest experience.
The Screaming Pope – Correct Picture Color
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On April 14, the new, 7th album of the American music project The Screaming Pope was released. The musician and producer George Bolton has been working under this name for several years now, giving us an interesting and rich palette of his tracks.
Lump200 – Cex
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Berlin-based artist Lump200 has released his third single from his new album, which will be released on May 12. The track is called 'Cex' and it's a powerful experimental unit of new music from Lump200.
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