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Graffiti Welfare – Revolving Shores
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On June 17, a new album by the American music project Graffiti Welfare was released. The album is called 'Revolving Shores' and this work is the result of recent years of diligent work on new tracks, the music of which perfectly conveys the inspired creative impulses of the author.
Will Wood – You Liked This (Okay, Computer!)
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A new work by American artist Will Wood released as a single and music video named 'You Liked This (Okay, Computer!)'. Will Wood has been a success on streaming platforms thanks to the sophisticated and unique atmosphere of his compositions.
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Greek artist NEFΛEΛI is based in the Netherlands seeks to create her own musical attraction and it seems that she succeeds. She grew up in a noble musical family and gained great experience as a musician, producer and composer of various projects and endeavors.
Monique Barry – Time
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Canadian singer-songwriter Monique Barry released her new single 'Time' on March 11th. This is the eighth and final single from her upcoming album and it stands out with its original idea and aura.
IDN – Kaleidoscope
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American electronic artist IDN presented his debut album 'Kaleidoscope' on February 4. This colorful and multifaceted work has a wide stylistic scope, which presents this project as experimental and avant-garde. The album includes 14 tracks that put us in a magnetic trance state and gives the aesthetic pleasure via this modern art form.
La Mer – Formes Différentes
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Israeli cellist and composer La Mer is involved in the production of her original works. The musician is based in the Netherlands, where she is developing experiments with sound that set up for creative impulses of her work.
Elly Kace – Nothing I See Means Anything
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Elly Kace has discovered a new force that possesses body and soul and that develops it as a singer-songwriter independently of any life's twists and turns. Even before the pandemic, Elly Kace thought about continuing her career as an opera vocalist where she had already had success on the European stage.
Fantast – Fantast
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The Austrian trio Fantast formed in 2018 recently shared their debut album 'Fantast'. Their musical compositions have an interesting and unique sound due to the original arrangement of electronics and live instruments along with ideas and a combination of relevant lyrics. The album consists of 8 tracks that perfectly capture the conceptuality and artistry of this work.
Fang Su – Disparate
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American musician and songwriter Fang Su presented his instrumental EP 'Disparate'. The mini-album consists of 4 compositions that represent a new interesting project of this talented musician.
Poetica – Poetica
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Poetica is music project is a unique phenomenon on the New York music scene. Created on the basis of a duo of poet and producer Rachael Sage and the famous cellist Dave Eggar, this project reveals the potential of modern poetry, experimental music and extraordinary artistic aura. Poetica's debut album was released on October 22 and included 19 tracks.
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