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Ollie Twohill – Stifled
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'Stifled' is the title of the new single of the Australian artist Ollie Twohill. The song is about struggling with mental illness and suicidal thoughts. Ollie Twohill understands this problem deeply because he himself had a similar dark streak in his life.
Gunning for Allie – Alive
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On November 17, Australian music duo Gunning for Allie released a new single 'Alive'. The new track introduces their upcoming new EP and is a somewhat experimental musical composition from Gunning for Allie.
Satellite Train – Cry
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Australian pop-rock band Satellite Train have released their second single from their upcoming album 'The Melbourne Sessions'. The single 'Cry' was released on October 13 and further opens the curtain of the band's debut record.
Golem Dance Cult – Ghost of Las Vegas
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On October 31, the Australian band Golem Dance Cult give their fans a new music video 'Ghost of Las Vegas'. The song was included in their latest album 'Legend of the Bleeding Heart' and has a very memorable feature.
Shaampoo Records – Johnny and Mary
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The music project Shaampoo Records was founded in Australia by Bill Burke and later moved to London, UK. Real magic happens in Shaampoo Records home studio, where new tracks filled with emotions and feelings, experiences and life itself are born.
Clare Easdown – Scopolamine
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Clare Easdown shared her new single 'Scopolamine' on September 27. This song was completely written, recorded and mixed by Clare Easdown herself in order to best convey the raw and honest emotions associated with her own experience.
Holly Jade – november
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The Australian singer Holly Jade recently shared her new single 'november'. This intimate and soulful song tells about the loss of a friend and the emotional pain associated with it.
LokkisKott – Deep Inside
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LokkisKott is the solo music project of Australian singer-songwriter and musician Lachie Alford. The artist is interested in many aspects of world art, cinema and theater also influence his creative impulses.
SEGANA – Mercy
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Sydney musical duo SEGANA is a beautiful symbiosis of rhythm, melody and fresh ideas. Their songs are something special, because in each of them there is a spirit of freedom, joy and the desire to give that joy to people.
Stefan West – Take What You Need
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On September 1, a new single by the Australian artist Stefan West was released. The song is called 'Take What You Need' and it is intended to open the curtain to his upcoming album 'Cambridge'.
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