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Poppy Roscoe – Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats
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The band Poppy Roscoe was created in 2015 in Los Angeles. Since then, the musicians have released 3 full-length albums, the last of which is 'Poppy Roscoe in: Sea Fortune and the Desert Rats'. The album was released in early 2023 and marked a new stage in the work of this amazing band.
Sacha Mullin – Casino Wilderness Period
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Chicago artist Sacha Mullin presented his third album 'Casino Wilderness Period'. The release of the new record of this charismatic musician and singer took place on November 3.
Jim Bower – Obsolete
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'Obsolete' is the title of the new single of the singer-songwriter and musician Jim Bower, released on September 29. The song is taken from the upcoming solo album 'THE FOURTH WALL', which is scheduled to be released in December this year.
Mike Errico – We’re Live
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Mike Errico is a true master of songwriting. His whole career is filled with various activities related to music, songs and production. Mike Errico is a lecturing professor and his excellent book 'Music, Lyrics, and Life' carries weight and authority in today's show business as it is required reading in Berklee College of Music.
Bloomfield Machine – Left to our own devices
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On September 8, the sixth album of the California music project Bloomfield Machine, ​​which is behind the multi-instrumentalist and producer Brian Kassan, was released. The album 'Left to our own devices' includes 16 original tracks that invite us to a strange and exciting musical journey.
Plantoid – Dog’s Life
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On August 23, the new single by the band Plantoid was released. The track is called 'Dog’s Life' and it is the first single that opens the curtain to the upcoming debut album of the band.
Shaven Primates – Birds Aren’t Real
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On July 28, the new album of the British alternative band Shaven Primates was released. This 5-track album, titled 'Birds Aren't Real', is a new page in the band's work, where they reflect their new creative impulses. The music of Shaven Primates is always a holiday for all fans of post-rock and punk, dark wave and progressive music.
In Search Of – Alice and the Wonderland
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On June 26, a stunning concept album of the music project In Search Of was released. The record is called 'Alice and the Wonderland' and it contains 13 tracks that invite listeners to dive into the amazing world of Wonderland.
Dan Szyller – Interstellar (Voyager 1)
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Paris-based Brazilian musician Dan Szyller's work has a unique essence, as he combines the power of the universe with the human desire for freedom and self-knowledge. On June 6, Dan Szyller presented a music video for one of his tracks 'Interstellar (Voyager 1)', taken from his debut album 'The Celestial Immigrant'.
My Autumn Amor – Stardust Collector
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My Autumn Amor is the musical project of singer-songwriter Thomas Monroe based in Los Angeles, California. His musical work has received a response from many music lovers across the United States thanks to his participation in shows such as the Nic Harcourt show and the KROQ Los Angeles Locals Only show.
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