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Thy Veils – Here We Are Sidereal
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Recently there was a celebration of Galactic Tick Day and on this occasion a group of Romanian artists and dancers called Thy Veils performed at at the festival of the same name on 9 September 2023. Under the leadership of producer Daniel Dorobanțu, who creates an incredible palette of electronic impulses, this amazing show was bursting with the hypnotic singing of Alira Mun, Maria Hojda and Francesca Hojda.
Simfonia – Castles in the Sky
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The British artist Simfonia went through her long and difficult path as a musician, composer and producer in order to hone her unique sound. Her new techno and house tracks reveal her as a talented and experimental artist who knows her dream and confidently pursues it.
La Biche – Combien
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French artist La Biche released a new single 'Combien' on June 16. This mysterious and enchanting ballad draws into its atmosphere dizziness against the background of love.
Daniel Dor – Crab Nebula
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Israeli artist Daniel Dor released his new single 'Crab Nebula' on February 28. This musical composition has a soaring mood that seems to drag us high into the sky where we can contemplate our long-suffering planet.
Clare Easdown – Burned Into My Past
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'Burned Into My Past' is the name of the new single of the Australian artist Clare Easdown, which was released on February 1. The song was created together with the producer and multi-instrumentalist Simon Pipe who recorded all the musical parts, and Clare Easdown wrote and sang wonderful romantic lyrics that sound like real poetry.
Mira Sthira – Let The Armor Go
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The singer-songwriter Mira Sthira writes extremely dreamy songs in which she dissolves, feeling oneness with nature and its fresh bright impulses. Her new single was released on December 25 and is called 'Let The Armor Go'. This musical composition is an organic addition to the romantic aura of the artist and her disclosure of her state of mind.
Thy Veils – Upstream
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The music group Thy Veils founded in 1995 in Romania as a studio project that creates original ambient music. They were true pioneers of the Romanian electronic scene and are a great band in their own style. Their musical compositions are something unique and exciting.
Arxion – Essence
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'Essence' is the name of the full-length album of the Slovenian singer-songwriter and composer Arxion, which was released 2 years ago. The record consists of 12 songs created in the original author's style, which he himself calls "bright love pop".
Zaki Hagins – Younger
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Musician and singer-songwriter Zaki Hagins is based in Berlin, where he decided to work on a solo music project. Behind him is a great experience as a musician, so a new role in the creative field for him is his new breath, which is so necessary for every creative person.
Roxy Rawson – Running Up That Hill
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Roxy Rawson's music is always an exciting journey into the world of the human soul, full of feelings, doubts and searches. Her creative path is rich in adventures and learning, in times of despair and enlightenment.
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