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Mark Winters – Boundary Layer
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Mark Winters recently released his second album in which he collected a new great tracklist. The album is called 'Boundary Layer' and includes 8 songs full of fresh power and poetic talent of the author.
Nick Antonelli – Time In The Sun
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A new single from the American singer-songwriter Nick Antonelli was released on May 18 and precedes the release of the artist's debut album. The song is called 'Time In The Sun' and created in a lively Americana style.
The Quiet Drinks – Grand Atlas
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The band The Quiet Drinks came together to record songs written by guitarist James Thomas, an experienced American musician. Roxy Seven on vocals and Peter Temple on bass completed the lineup the band, and they had a great time together in the recording studio, resulting in the EP 'Grand Atlas'.
Liad Abraham – What Cowboys Dream Of (If They Dream)
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"I tell stories with six strings." This is how the Israeli guitarist and composer Liad Abraham described his own work. As he succinctly and clearly speaks these words about music, so we confirm the above and express our appreciation for his high talent.
Tyler Elden – Warmth Of The Sun
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Tyler Elden is an American indie musician and singer who doing creative things fully revealing himself. He writes songs and produces them by composing into the formula of the compositions a part of his past and present. His songs are full of energy and vitality.
Colt Sterk – Cherry Stem
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American singer-songwriter Colt Sterk presented his new single called 'Cherry Stem' on March 11. This energetic and simple-minded song captivates its listeners thanks to the easy life motive and rhythmically in the melodic structure of the composition.
David McKinney – Phaneron
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David McKinney has been leading his musical life since 2001. As a singer-songwriter, he has released two solo albums, the last of which was released in late 2021. The record is called 'Phaneron' and it contains 6 new songs of David McKinney.
Abby Litten – 404
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The UK-based singer-songwriter Abby Litten debuted with the single '404' on April 1. The expressive and profound song '404' is a wonderful work in the style of country and Americana.
Lewis Hensley – Cocaine Cowboys (feat. Jay Vinchi)
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On March 15, a new single by the American artist Lewis Hensley was released. This track was created in collaboration with hip-hop singer Jay Vinchi which brightened the overall composition with the width of the vocal lines.
Romain Gutsy – If You See Her
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The French singer-songwriter Romain Gutsy is preparing to release his debut album on April 11 and the song 'If You See Her' is a single of the record. Romain Gutsy is known for his participation in known bands as an accordionist and guitarist so now it's his turn to present his work to the general public.
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