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OTO MAYUMI – Good and Bad Shades
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'Good and Bad Shades' is the title of the debut album of a fantastic artist OTO MAYUMI. The album was released on December 1 and presented the world with a beautiful conceptual work in the styles of alternative rock and J-pop.
Higher Music State – Overboard
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On December 1st, British indie group Higher Music State released their new album 'Overboard'. We decided to celebrate this album in a special way, because listening to its tracklist, we plunge into a really specific world of creativity.
Love Ghost – Hollywood Blvd.
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The new song from Love Ghost is called 'Hollywood Blvd.' and it was released on December 1st. The track was recorded with well-known Spanish-speaking artist Go Golden Junk, whose street aesthetic blends perfectly with the alternative of Love Ghost.
Henniker – Knots
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The American band Henniker continues the glorious traditions of the classics of the rock n roll scene, bringing interesting diversity to the modern alternative scene with their creativity. Their debut single 'Knots' was released this year and introduced us to a really interesting and extraordinary band.
Erick Castrillon – The Great Awakening
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Los Angeles artist Erick Castrillon continues his immersion in the topic of the impact of artificial intelligence on the activities and future of humanity. As a screenwriter and director, Erick Castrillon has recently plunged into the world of musical art, recording insightful and deep tracks filled with meaning and emotion.
Trash Pals – Love Object
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American indie duo Trash Pals presented their EP 'Love Object' on November 17. The album consists of 4 original tracks that introduce us to the creative space of two band members Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider. The guys have been friends since they were young, and each of them had a need to write music and share it.
Gunning for Allie – Alive
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On November 17, Australian music duo Gunning for Allie released a new single 'Alive'. The new track introduces their upcoming new EP and is a somewhat experimental musical composition from Gunning for Allie.
Lilo Powder – Sun Sets Just Like Heaven
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Lilo Powder is an alternative duo from Sweden consisting of Andreas (vocals, guitar) and Tim (drums). Their new release is a double single called 'Sun Sets Just Like Heaven'.
Love Ghost x Camidoh x DJ Switch Ghana – Dopeman
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'Dopeman' that's the name of the new release from the American alternative band Love Ghost. The song was recorded in collaboration with Ghanaian Afrobeat artist Camidoh and DJ Switch Ghana, Global Prodigy Award Winner.
Kiirstin Marilyn – Kristoffer
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On November 10, the American artist Kiirstin Marilyn released a new EP 'Kristoffer', dedicated to her brother. Kristoffer, as her brother was called, died in 2021 and it became a great tragedy for his loving sister.
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