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Clinton N – your favorite song
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Aerial track 'your favorite song' by Irish singer and producer Clinton N released on June 12th. We used to hear folk motifs in alternative pop, and now in Clinton's song we hear relaxed oriental pentatonics between the singer's bass vocals.
Tarn PK – Cheap Ecstasy
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Sometimes it is best to leave the created song as it is in its original form because further actions with the arrangement can spoil the main idea of ​​the author. So did Tarn PK with his single 'Cheap Ecstasy'.
Blankiflúr – Hypnopompic
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The small and cold country of Iceland has an amazing potential and appearance to form a dissimilar sound. Inherent only in the North, the sounds of the island go on their long journey to our consciousness. Fresh waves brought to us from there tart and romantic, strong and gentle album. Meet 'Hypnopompic' from the artist from Reykjavik - Blankiflúr.
Dina Rizvic – Waves
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An alternative pop broke into our playlists and flooded them. More and more this music is gaining momentum, although it has always been somewhere nearby at all times. Alternative pop performed by Dina Rizvic is typical for this style but not typical for pop music.The main difference is that the artist does everything herself, starting from authorship and ending with production. Everything that once differentiated rock music from pop music is now washed away by the presence of alternative pop.
Xufa – Dunes
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Exciting, intoxicating atmosphere prevails in the new single 'Dunes' by Israeli artist Xufa. She is based in Berlin and it is from there that we receive streams of her creative potential. In the single 'Dunes' we hear echoes of the same music of the future that every critic talks about, but does not know exactly what direction its river will go.
Greenness – Unfold
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Sometimes, looking at indie music videos, we think about our state of mind and the reasons why we should be shut out of this world. And in the music video 'Unfold' from the band Greenness, we are looking for answers to these important questions. The collaboration of French and British cultures has created the duo Greenness in which Cess Frangi and Graham Pratt work together.
LIVSKA – Patience
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LIVSKA's debut work is called 'Patience' and it opens up new Melbourne-based talent for us. The cultural capital of Australia is full of musical events and in such a favorable environment are grown real diamonds of creative essence. LIVSKA's music was born in the artist's bedroom and during the quarantine, was recorded by receiving the recording forms we hear now.
Magali, a Cult – V21
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Magali, a Cult is a music project based in Italy and has offices throughout the galaxy. His space tracks are recommended to all fans of science fiction, the Strugatsky Brothers and the sounds of the 80s. Recently Magali, a Cult released their second album called 'V21' and this is the second album this year that in the list of this new powerful artist.
Amelie Swann – Dirty Looks
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Classics are immortal. Trip-hop has always been somewhere close, although it has always remained an alternative element. Amelie Swann is an artist from Philadelphia who builds her music on the trip-hop stem. Her debut EP 'Dirty Looks' was released on April 9 and has already attracted the attention of music lovers and fans of alternative genres of modern music.
mal sounds – tiny lies
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And again we are in New York City. This time our music hero is mal sounds and his single 'Tiny Lies'. The author is a performer and producer in the music project where he works in the styles of Alternative Pop.