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The Cult Sounds – Pale White Horse
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A place to hide in the darkest times. Spread the word. Join the cult. I found this motto on the title page of the band Cult Sund in Bandcamp. We will spread that word and we will join the cult, at least now at the time of listening to their new single 'Pale White Horse' which was released on December 18, 2020.
Joe G – Compelled, Searching for Love
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Last month, a video from English artist and multi-instrumentalist Joe G was released. Everyone who says that the times of video clips in the past are cunning because the video is not what slows down the song, but on the contrary helps to reveal the content of the musical work and look at it from a completely different angle.
Nate Flud – Anchor
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The music of Nate Flud, a musician and producer from Los Angeles, clearly shows the latest trends in the changes of American mainstream music. His new single 'Anchor' was released on January 1 and only confirms the direction of movement chosen by this musician.
War Honey – Shard on Shatter
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My acquaintance with War Honey began in Brooklyn at a club resembling a large floor lamp.  Rather, I would call that club as if it really existed, but not only in my imagination. The mood is chamber. Sad and cheerful at the same time. Yes, this can be achieved especially if you sing in minor on major harmony.  And how to sing! Vocalist Gabrielle is a new lamp vocal that can be powerful and crack with an inconspicuous drive, but mostly it's beautiful melodies that flow from her mouth.
Famous doors in famous music
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Alaska Studio was founded by Pat Collier of The Vibrators in 1977 (the band continues to impress with its vitality and creativity as releases of new punk albums and rolling around Europe confirming the slogan: Punk Not Dead).
The Ducks – In Grate Britons
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Brighton music duo The Ducks released on the last day of last year their political action movie - single. 'In Grate Britons'. Sometime around this time, on December 31, a trade agreement was presented between the UK and the European Union, the last possible day that existed as a last chance for someone.  But it's not about politics, but about music and it seems that the release day was well chosen by the musicians.
Once Grace Forever – Live Today
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While active rock and roll touring artists paused to think about what to do next at this difficult time for all musicians, other studio projects that gravitate more to post-rock and electronic rock and roll versions focused on recording their albums.  Post-rock has always been full of its conceptual albums and it is studio work that gives such bands a chance for self-realization.

Viscula – Alien Milk
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If you only knew how much I missed the MTV clips and the old TV that hung on the wall in my kitchen in the lush 90s. Now I sometimes look at the visualization of an entire generation from that distant past. Today I don't have a TV, thank God, I don't have those TV programs but I have a time machine that transports me to video moments of the past. YouTube is a great opportunity to watch new music. The new music videos of the new musicians are no less interesting so I was happy to watch a recent video from the London band Viscula.
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