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Elizabeth Owens – Knock Knock
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Elizabeth Owens is the artist who impresses with their broad view of creativity and love of experimentation. They works on the border line of folktronica, alternative and avant-garde. Their works can really be called modern musical art. Elizabeth Owens' new album 'Knock Knock' was released on August 13 and included 15 interesting and original tracks.
Ashe B – Something For Anyone Vol. I
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Ashe B is an American artist based in Atlanta where he creates original music. His experiments in combining independent musical styles such as indie rock, lo-fi and R&B are reflected in his new work. EP 'Something For Anyone Vol. I' was released on August 13 and includes 4 tracks.
Leonardo Barilaro – Turkey Is Burning
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Leonardo Barilaro is a composer from Malta who covered a painful topic for Turkey in his single 'Turkey Is Burning'. Thousands of people suffered a disaster that caused the spread of wildfires. The fire is relentless, it has serious consequences for humanity.
Guillérm – Demon
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Irish based artist Guillérm originally from Brazil is known for his role in the post-punk band Mary Bleeds. He recently released his solo EP 'Demon' in which he collected 5 piano pieces for vocals. This work received a video visualization that increases the degree of accessibility of the author's creative idea.
Beau Bowen – Intergalactic Enquiries
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On July 30, a new single by London pop duo Beau Bowen was released. The single is called 'Intergalactic Enguiries' and is a new page in the work of this interesting creative duet. The song 'Intergalactic Enguiries' is a manifestation of avant-garde with a mix of 80s and alternative pop.
Slow Knife – Paradoxia
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Manchester band Slow Knife released their new single 'Paradoxia' on May 19 and it could not pass us by. This masterpiece of the avant-garde music really has to claim the advanced music of our time for several reasons.
Joey Grace – I Can’t Catch You
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The originality of the presentation of the musical material is a feature of the California singer-songwriter Joey Grace. The sounds of her music are the sounds of the new California once again jumping into an ocean of experimentation. The recent single 'I Can't Catch You' surprises us with its expression and dexterity.
Phillinois – Blue Haze
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The music project of artist and cartoonist Phil Gerigscott is called Phillinois. Phil lives in Portland, USA and draws parallels between his music world and the world of the artist. A gifted person must find a way out of his thoughts, experiences and vision of this world.
Vitor Siqueira – Noturno
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The composer and producer from the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte Vitor Siqueira, defines his music as avant-garde with a mixture of modern classics, jazz and art-rock. His debut album 'Noturno' is a serious work in our opinion and it stands out with its talent among the boundless layer of modern instrumental music.
seitz – Words of Another Kind
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The Bristol music scene is famous for its legendary past. It is in this city that the creation of drum and bass and trip hop music. Today's indie scene of Bristol is represented by known names in show business and interesting novelties of modern music. We noticed the work of seitz - a singer and pianist of his own music project.