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Album Reviews
Rob Giles – Meditation Drive-Thru
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Rob Giles is a well-known singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. As a Grammy Award winner and producer of over 20 albums for himself and others, Rob Giles is truly an individual whose work deserves attention. In addition to music, Rob Giles writes extensively for television, which brought him success when his shows with the CW aired in 2016 and 2017.
Arden Alexa – ‘22
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San Francisco artist Arden Alexa shared her new EP “‘22” on October 20. 6 original tracks give us a meeting with a truly unique artist who captivates with her creativity from the first song and does not let go.
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QRIAN is a South Korean artist who demonstrates her kind of unique creativity filled with life itself. Her new EP 'BOSS' came out 4 years after the debut release and consists of the single 'BOSS' and its three remixes.
Jay Luke – Me And My Demons
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American rock artist Jay Luke shared his fourth solo album 'Me And My Demons' on October 20. According to the author of this record, this is the best thing he has done to date. Indeed, two singles 'Me And My Demons' and 'You'll Never Beat The Addiction' have already attracted the attention of fans of modern hard rock and metal.
Kiirstin Marilyn – Kristoffer
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On November 10, the American artist Kiirstin Marilyn released a new EP 'Kristoffer', dedicated to her brother. Kristoffer, as her brother was called, died in 2021 and it became a great tragedy for his loving sister.
Pàppa D. – Swing! The CalBal ’23 Session
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Pàppa D. is a multifaceted artist who makes his life and the lives of those around him unusual and inspiring with his creative activity. Pàppa D. started actively playing music in his early teens and since then music has always been by his side.
The Killing Tapes – Falling Down (RED)
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'Falling Down (RED)' is a new release from the Swedish band The Killing Tapes, which completes the trilogy by coming to more intimate and revealing songs. The EP consists of 6 original tracks that invite us into the world of thoughts about yourself, people and the world around us in which we all live.
Speaker Cabinets – Tales From New Babel
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'Tales From New Babel' is the title of the new album of the Spanish rock trio Speaker Cabinets. The release of the album showed that Speaker Cabinets are moving uphill, presenting their fans with even more pleasant surprises and concepts.
Sylvan Tirelle – Omni-Gatherum
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Seattle-based Sylvan Tirelle released their debut album 'Omni-Gatherum' on October 26th. On this album, Sylvan Tirelle acts as a composer, musician, multi-instrumentalist and producer. All the listed talents are inherent in this interesting and extraordinary artist.
Sacha Mullin – Casino Wilderness Period
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Chicago artist Sacha Mullin presented his third album 'Casino Wilderness Period'. The release of the new record of this charismatic musician and singer took place on November 3.
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