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Jennifer Alvarado – Colorado
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Jennifer Alvarado's creative path has seen significant awards that support her talent and inspire her to move forward to the musical Olympus. Her songs have a special magic that attracts attention with their stories taken from life itself.
Henniker – Knots
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The American band Henniker continues the glorious traditions of the classics of the rock n roll scene, bringing interesting diversity to the modern alternative scene with their creativity. Their debut single 'Knots' was released this year and introduced us to a really interesting and extraordinary band.
J Coubz – A brief moment of peace
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'A brief moment of peace' is one of the new singles of the French musician and composer J Coubz. This musical composition is extremely attractive with its space and breadth.
Erick Castrillon – The Great Awakening
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Los Angeles artist Erick Castrillon continues his immersion in the topic of the impact of artificial intelligence on the activities and future of humanity. As a screenwriter and director, Erick Castrillon has recently plunged into the world of musical art, recording insightful and deep tracks filled with meaning and emotion.
Sam Feinstein – Hamster Wheel
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Sam Feinstein is a Californian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who independently writes and records his own music. Before us is his new single 'Hamster Wheel', which was released on November 30.
Aldís Fjóla – Quiet the Storm
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Icelandic artist Aldís Fjóla presented her new single on November 22. The song is called 'Quiet the Storm' and now it shines like an original diamond in her colorful music catalog.
Adrian Sutherland – Precious
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Adrian Sutherland is a Canadian singer-songwriter who, in addition to his musical activities, conducts his cultural mission to revive and preserve the traditions of the peoples of northern Canada, such as Cree.
Velour Academy – Pulsar
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The Los Angeles band Velour Academy has 2 full-length albums in its music catalog, released in 2017 and 2021, respectively. Their style of music can be interpreted in different ways, but there is no doubt that they lead their unique dream pop line.
The Idiot Kids – Wilted Bloom
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The band The Idiot Kids started their crazy rock n roll career in Detroit in 2011. The trio maintains its brand of a true garage band, incorporating elements of punk and some glam rock into its work. Their musoon is completely DIY, and this is the aesthetic they adhere to in principle.
Tim Camrose – Empty Roads
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British singer-songwriter Tim Camrose presented his new EP 'Empty Roads' on November 28. The new record contains 6 original tracks that sound with the sincerity and openness inherent in this artist.