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Lena Minder – Fall Again
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Folk music is also a longing for home and nostalgia for the wonderful world we had as children. Lena Minder is a Swiss who has been living and working in Berlin lately. Her latest single 'Fall Again' was released on June 11 and brought us a new granule of her art.
Ollie Olson – Southern California Summer Nights
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An unceasing celebration of life - so in a few words we can describe a new song - a single from the Sweden singer-songwriter Ollie Olson. The song 'Southern California Summer Nights' was released on June 11 at the peak of the summer season in Southern California.
Tarn PK – Cheap Ecstasy
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Sometimes it is best to leave the created song as it is in its original form because further actions with the arrangement can spoil the main idea of ​​the author. So did Tarn PK with his single 'Cheap Ecstasy'.
Phillip Good – Everything
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The moment when the new single begins to be listened to and distributed on playlists is called a success for an indie artist. This happened with the recent work of American singer-songwriter Phillip Good.
OneNamedPeter – Moonbathing
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Have you been to the pebbles beaches of Brighton at night? OneNamedPeter invites us to do this once by listening to his single 'Moonbathing'. The author of the song Peter is a singer-songwriter who lives and works in the southern cultural capital.
Denizen – Pretty Words
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Listening to the latest single 'Pretty Words' by New York band Denizen, we find that invaluable treasure that people call talent. In the sea of ​​fresh sound it is difficult to understand and find that life-giving drop. The song 'Pretty Words' has such power.
Ragsy – Under Clear Skies
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We forget about everything in the world when we hear the singing of the magical voice one of famous artist. One new artist who has such a voice is Ragsy. The singer is based in Wales and we were delighted when we came across his clean vocals in the single 'Under Clear Skies'.
Fonzy and Company – Beyond My Control
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And again we are in Bristol. Fonzy and Company is a group of like-minded people who have created an energetic rock band. Their music impresses us with its drive and eternally young enthusiasm. The single 'Beyond My Control' was released on May 24 and infused fresh water into the flow of their discography.
Dream On – Falling
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Indie rock lives and thrives. In the UK, there are many indie rock bands that have not shown themselves and were just small flashes in the starry sky of indie music. Ambitious musicians are sure to succeed even if this success is just another cool single. London band Dream On have such a single and it's called 'Falling'.
The DePatie Melt – I’ll Miss You
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John DePatie is a guitarist, composer, leader of the American group The DePatie Melt. He organized a beautiful trio around him to record one musical masterpiece called 'I'll Miss You'. This is an original ballad like a vintage romance has a revolutionary form of composition.
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