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Fran Lusty – Ladybird
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'Feed your mind, to stay high, to stay in-flight' - sings Fran Lusty, a simple girl with a guitar in her debut single 'Ladybird'. The singer is young and sincere in her vision of the world.
Prince of Sweden – Next Time There’ll Be Violins
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Not every country boy can become the Prince of Sweden. Not every village boy can to learn to play the guitar from his neighbor on the farm. What are these theses related to? The future Prince of Sweden before becoming a music project from South London took a course of a villager with all the pros and cons. His singles absorbed all the power of British rock and roll and the lyrics of folk ballads.
TruckerBomb – Mobridge, South Dakota
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Musician Troy Richardson graduated from Berkeley College of Music in Boston and has not given up music since. Before forming his own music band TruckerBomb, Troy played bass a lot and wrote songs in other American music projects.
Dara Barry-Hayed – Bright Clouds
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When a person follows his dream, he conquers the whole world. Irish singer-songwriter Dara Barry-Hayed came to our hearts in adulthood and he brought us his debut EP which called 'Bright Clouds'.
Tess Posner – Something Told Me
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Oh San Francisco is the cradle of hippies and for many wonderful things that happened in US music. In our time, this city has given us many new talents and we will talk about the latest release of one of them.
Andrew Land – (Making Good) Defects
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From the nervous, barely audible strings is born arpeggio woven from a few gently pressed piano keys. Over time, an electronic bit is added - weakly pulsating, and familiar notes are played in a circular motion, equal seconds of wall time.
Simon Adams – Something In The Air
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The influence of the Beatles is still bearing fruit today. How many beautiful works were created after the collapse of the famous quartet? Their number is infinite now and their multitude is visible as stars in the night sky, and one of them is song 'Something In The Air' by Simon Adams.
The Connecting Dots – Oblivious Beat
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Helena Sundstrom and Johan Borg are two musicians and two connecting dots who worked good on their first full-length album 'Oblivious Beat'. As a Swedish rock-band, The Connecting Dots absorbed the whole layer of Stockholm's glorious pop culture and folk songs of this cold land.
King Castle – Dracula
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The debut single 'Dracula' by British singer King Castle was released on February 12. That day we got a new promising artist. King Castle is the stage name of Chris Holden, a singer and songwriter.
Mike Nisbet – The Big Sea, Unlimited
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Impeccable palette of strokes of William Turner's artwork, exquisite poetry that takes us into the dark thoughts of William Blake - everything of it comes with our new hero in his art song. The romantic of our generation Mike Nisbet recently recorded his new work 'The Big Sea, Unlimited'.
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