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Fang Su – Disparate
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American musician and songwriter Fang Su presented his instrumental EP 'Disparate'. The mini-album consists of 4 compositions that represent a new interesting project of this talented musician.
Poetica – Poetica
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Poetica is music project is a unique phenomenon on the New York music scene. Created on the basis of a duo of poet and producer Rachael Sage and the famous cellist Dave Eggar, this project reveals the potential of modern poetry, experimental music and extraordinary artistic aura. Poetica's debut album was released on October 22 and included 19 tracks.
Earth to Abigail – The Forest
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The music project Earth to Abigail belongs to Mynah who is originally from Canada and is now based in Portugal. Their amazing creative path began at an early age when they started taking music lessons at the age of 3 and at the age of 5 she performed every Sunday in church.
Elly Kace – Nothing feat. Jasmine Mendoza
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Elly Kace began her active musical life at the age of 6 years when she joined the Chicago Children's Choir and has not left music for a moment since. Reaching great heights in the opera scene, Elly encountered difficulties in creative self-realization during the pandemic.
Kate Brunotts – GEMINI
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Experimental artist Kate Brunotts from New York continues to delight her fans with her extravagant sound and original image of the artist. Her new song 'GEMINI' was the first song from the new EP 'all caps' to be released recently.
Beau Bowen – Bubble Tea
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Beau Bowen's new track is called 'Bubble Tea' and it was released on September 17th. This London duo continues to amaze with their creative imagination and musical originality of own works.
Matilde Davoli – Sine
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Matilde Davoli's new single 'Sine' was released on September 10th. The Italian artist used a minimalist approach to the production of her ambient track. The song turned out elegant and graceful.
Perttu Leinonen – Eyes Closed
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Finnish musician and composer Perttu Leinonen shared his first album 'Eyes Closed'. This epic musical work is amazing and interesting for its experiments and its penetration into the subconscious of music. Structurally complex and improvisationally light music resulted in the album release on September 3 that consists of 6 tracks.
Cem Sari – Zenit
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Cem Sari creates original music unlike anything else. Cem Sari is a Berlin-based electronic musician and producer from Istanbul. One of the songs from his latest album interested us especially and this song is called 'Zenit'.
Leonardo Barilaro – Asteroids
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Leonardo Barilaro has released his new space single called 'Asteroids'. The song was out on September 7 and began its flight through our universe. In his new work, pianist and composer Leonardo Baliralo continues to experiment with the color combination of classical music and avant-garde.