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Album Reviews
Onemac Project – The Hermit Speaks
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Onemac Project was started in 2020 by two singer-songwriters Michael MacMahon and James O’Connor. Their previous musical background impresses with its variety of musical projects and all kinds of events.
Rupert Cox – Search Party
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Rupert Cox debuted with the album 'Search Party' on November 24. The record was released on the London label Albert’s Favourites, so for every lover of the physical format of music, it is a great opportunity to join the artistic impulses of this talented pianist and singer-songwriter.
Neil C. Young – ReWorks Vol.1
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Neil C. Young is a well-known guitarist and composer who can be proud of his colorful music catalog and participation in the best jazz festivals. In addition, the artist was repeatedly nominated for the Grammy Award, and this fact suggests that we have a truly first-class musician.
Fabbro di Chiavi – Intangible part I
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Fabbro di Chiavi is not just a first-class guitarist, but also a multi-instrumentalist and composer, as well as an aerospace engineer who brought important projects to life. His music is an unusual journey into the world of human feelings, thoughts and experiences.
MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) – In The Rain Shadow
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Mark Vickness is a well-known guitarist and composer who writes and performs together with his ensemble MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) incredible instrumental music. Inspired by a move to the high desert (California's Owens Valley) in late 2020, Mark Vickness wrote a truly impressive album 'In The Rain Shadow' that was released in 2023.
Dame Zina – Fairytales
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The French synthpop duo Dame Zina consists of a father and daughter who are great in their creative collaboration. Their new album 'Fairytales' was released on October 31 and consists of 14 tracks.
Trash Pals – Love Object
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American indie duo Trash Pals presented their EP 'Love Object' on November 17. The album consists of 4 original tracks that introduce us to the creative space of two band members Conor Rayne and Gabe Schnider. The guys have been friends since they were young, and each of them had a need to write music and share it.
Simesky+Fritch – SKALA.02
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Simesky+Fritch is an unparalleled musical project that marks a new breakthrough of cool retro 80s with new, refreshing interpretations. Simesky+Fritch are two experienced musicians, each of whom has an interesting creative path.
We Are To Blame – Duality II
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On November 7, the second mini-album of the Swedish metal band We Are To Blame was released. The record was named 'Duality II' and is a kind of continuation of the line of the first release.
Ripsime – Capsule I: Wicked & Wise
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London-based artist Ripsime released her debut EP 'Capsule I: Wicked & Wise' on November 1. The mini-album was completely recorded in Armenia, where Ripsime spent a year during the pandemic. At the same time, this picturesque country experienced difficult times related to the war.