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Big Fun – Oogley Boogley
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We complained early when we said that good new bands are already history. The release of the second album of the Los Angeles band Big Fun was a great discovery for us. The full-length album, bizarrely titled 'Oogley Boogley' and featuring 13 tracks, was released on June 5.
Michael Brinkworth – Wasted Wonder
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Michael Brinkworth made us happy with his second album 'Wasted Wonder' which was released on May 21st. The Australian artist is based in Berlin, where together with his full band he recorded this line of beautiful country tracks.
Mass Experience – Sitting With Demons
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Musical friendships don't just happen. At least it does not pass without fruit. When Sydney musicians Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton met 25 years ago, they remembered each other for their talent and originality. There were the 90s - a time of stormy rave and cult clubs. These were the days of great electronic music. The musicians recently reunited in the duo Mass Experience to record a series of new singles and release a full-length album.
Bennykaay – On My Mind
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Recently, we have increasingly seen pop-punk mixed with other alternative styles of contemporary music as hip hop, trip hop, trap. Bennykaay connected his pop-punk with the trap in the new single 'On My Mind'.
Marble Raft – Geography A
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Contemporary artists are releasing less and less full-length albums, especially conceptual albums. It's a pity, because such full-fledged works can best represent a certain period in the musician's work and have a better chance of perpetuating his name. Marble Raft is an indie pop duo from Stockholm, and they released an album which can rightly be considered a conceptually creative work.
Mike Stoyanov – No Regrets
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Mike Stoyanov is a new name on the London indie rock scene. His second single 'No Regrets' was released on June 4. The stormy rock n roll of his new song charges us with energy from the first overloaded chords.
Kiolo – sunshine
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John Kolar and Andrew Jemiolo were studied at the West Virginia University for an engineer and a physicist respectively, and had no idea they would start making music seriously. But whatever it was, they created an indie pop duo and called it Kiolo.
Tamas Szigyarto – Membrany
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Modern piano music has two main directions of its development. One of them is avant-garde with many of his experiments, and the other neoclassical based on the past achievements of the great geniuses of music. Composer Tamas Szigyarto is a supporter of the second direction.
Clinton N – your favorite song
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Aerial track 'your favorite song' by Irish singer and producer Clinton N released on June 12th. We used to hear folk motifs in alternative pop, and now in Clinton's song we hear relaxed oriental pentatonics between the singer's bass vocals.
Madison Deaver – That’s What She Said
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It's great to watch a young artist develop in different creative embodiment. Singer-songwriter Madison Deaver is building her career in Los Angeles and she is not afraid to take on things that go around her songs.