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Stephen Lind – Comfort Zone
On December 1, the debut mini-album 'Comfort Zone' by the American artist Stephen Lind was released. His music has a pleasant vibe woven from the spacious and airy dance sound.

Stephen Lind is based in Los Angeles where he creates his energetic and bright songs. EP 'Comfort Zone' was inspired by separation and received notes of sadness and sorrow. 6 tracks of beautiful overtones and cute melodies envelop the space of the record. 

The song 'Kicking Myself' sounds easy and unobtrusive. Electronic beats sound soft and sweet and melodic vocals are associated with the harmonic vibrations of the synthesizer. The song 'Anxiety' has a soothing sound of bedroom pop that comfortably tells about the feelings and experiences of the author. 

The song 'Meet Me All Alone' sounds great with its groove and heavy bass and synthesizer melody that runs along the line of the track. Sensual vocals lead their fascinating and successful rhythmic melody revealing the essence of the song. 

Listen to the full mini-album 'Comfort Zone' on Spotify below and appreciate the sensual work of Stephen Lind.