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Fang Su – Disparate
American musician and songwriter Fang Su presented his instrumental EP 'Disparate'. The mini-album consists of 4 compositions that represent a new interesting project of this talented musician.

The title track 'Disparate' meets with strange impulsive sounds that, together with scattered percussion and alarming bells, inflame the atmosphere and make fully immerse in the essence of the song. 

'Voodoo Soup' continues the shamanic rite based on percussion sounds. In the middle of the song, the percussion breaks off and makes place for a melodic electronic piano.  

'Abnormality' has a memorable riff that accumulates around itself bumps and strange backgrounds.  

'It Ends' is an experimental composition with cascading percussion and circular bass that turns into cool funk and stretched tango.  

Listen to EP 'Disparate' on Spotify below and evaluate the new creative work Fang Su.