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Tess Posner – Something Told Me
Oh San Francisco is the cradle of hippies and for many wonderful things that happened in US music. In our time, this city has given us many new talents and we will talk about the latest release of one of them.

The creative work of singer Tess Posner began earlier, and in 2018 she began to fix and record her song masterpieces. In the single 'Something Told Me' she tells the story of her rebirth where her perception of all that is beautiful and wonderful is born every time, even after many days of restrictions. The limitation was that all of us people were in quarantine and couldn't just feel the things we were used to. When a person gets used to beautiful things that carry daily beauty, he does not perceive it as sharply as children perceive it, when they see it for the first time. And like children, adults remember their forgotten feelings when they see everything wonderful again after a long break. Like the buds on a tree that climb into the world every spring, people go out to look at the world of greating like ​​for the first time. What a wonderful feeling it is to be an adult child. Maybe it was felt by hippies in the 60s in San Francisco, and now it is felt by Tess and it is clear that she is an artist with a beautiful heart. 

Her music is not only a complement to the lyrics, but well arranged and full of ideas of funk and modern pop. Her minimalist children's piano and playful trumpet will run through the entire song, which will support syncopated overloaded bass with light knocks on the drum rim. It seems no one better will sing her own song and we enjoy her artificial dissonances in the choruses. Why not join the idea of ​​revival? Just go to Spotify below and get acquainted with the anthem by Tess Posner - 'Something Told Me'.