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Dayweaver – S01E01-5
Everything comes from an idea. Creativity has captivated the human mind since Adam and Eve went beyond paradise. In our time, recently in The Netherlands, music band Dayweaver has released their first mini-album with the code name 'S01E01-5' and thay have already gone further, so we remember their recent series with recent episodes.

So in the first track of 'Bloodman' the mysterious gentle vocals of Marcel are complemented by a wonderful guitar part which in the background interacts with the rhythm section and raises the composition to a decent level. The next track 'Swear' was remembered by a massive background orchestration against the background of high-frequency bits from 80s Yamaha-type drum machines. Moving further in the third under the slogan 'Right on the Money', we plunge into the world of trip-hop with its rhythmic jumps, which amplify the pop chorus in its informative message to the listener. In the song 'Hurricane', the vocal parts are created in such a way that they make the synthetic sounds of the accompaniment more expressive and acceptable. The last episode named 'Ordinarily' is quite different from the whole serie, but with an interesting musical idea in the indie-rock style with electronic interspersed throughout the composition.

 Perhaps as Editors could be softer and Depeche Mode more mysterious then we would not have received the original musical solution from Dayweaver. For all who follow the new trends in modern indie music, you should pay attention to the work of this band and listen to their debut EP 'S01E01-5' below on Spotify.