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Anoice – The Hidden Forest
Tokyo based instrumental band Anoice released their sixth full-length album on September 17. The album 'The Hidden Forest' took almost half a year of production and received 17 tracks.

The track 'long story' opens this album with a graceful piano composition that meets its elegance and accompanies with its warmth. It is followed by one of the previously released singles 'a perfect day for a funeral' - a sad track with minor arpeggios and noises that are gradually added to the increasing pace. String arrangements perfectly overcome the experiences and sublime feelings to the musical plot of the composition.  

'guiet wish' is another single that is smooth and hypnotic in its extensive movement. The classical guitar plays a minimalist melody that combines with the violin in the duo. The piano bursts with its neoclassicism and encourages everything to move forward where the full ensemble picks up the whole composition to its rhythm.  

In the track 'magnolia' sounds a lyrical melody with a touch of water noise that soothes with its harmony. The composition develops into string melodies and ends with recession and silence. 'twilight' is atmospheric music woven from the softness of piano sounds and deep background with the addition of percussion.

'depth of sleep' meditative music with smooth waves of bells and soft guitar sounds. In the second part of the work, the structure of the composition is overgrown with the width and coverage of harmonic sounds. The coda slows down and goes out like an extinguishing flame of hot music.  

Listen to the full album 'The Hidden Forest' on Spotify below and embark on an endless journey of dark ambient with the sounds of Anoice.