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M-Rock – Tenderness
Emrik M-Rock Larsson is a cult figure in his hometown Göteborg, Sweden. In the mid-80s, he and his band Stonefunkers founded a funk movement that promoted funk and hip hop in the local subculture.

Many years have passed since then and M-Rock continues to make music and inspire young generations of creative people with their work. The artist continues to record live songs full of groove and light energy and one such recent single was 'Tenderness'. This song is passionate and energetic with the sounds of percussions and the live ensemble drive. 

In the music video 'Tenderness' we see a live performance of a funk band as it all looks in action. Colorful clothes and floral special effects give us a bright harmony of happiness and tenderness. Smiling and happy musicians enjoy their art and give people rays of hope in this incomprehensible modern world. 

Watch the music video 'Tenderness' on YouTube below and immerse yourself in a slow gentle dance with M-Rock.