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Sad China – ilyimy
Artist Sad China at her young age has interesting life experience and it has inspired and lifted her forward every time. The singer is based in Vancouver, Canada where she creates her lovely dream pop songs.

The new single 'ilyimy' opens a new stage in Sad China's work in which she experiments with the sound of her new composition. 'ilyimy' sounds like impulsive electronics with cascading rhythms. Synthesizer arpeggios with monotonous movements cover the entire color arrangement of the song. 

Warm and relaxed vocals tell about sadness and love for someone who is already far away, but continues to take a place in the heart. The exotic sounds of China's electronic folk instruments add color to this melodious track.  

The inspiration from western Canada and China far east has been involved in the boldest electronic experiments of artist Sad China. Listen to the single 'ilyimy' on Spotify below and appreciate Sad China's original creative thinking.