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Clifford – Love Is Real
The acoustic song 'Love is Real' is simply created for everyone looking for love. The song was written by American artist Clifford who breathed life via his charming voice and emotions into this amazing track. The single 'Love is Real' was released on September 9 and graced the musician's song catalog.

The song is really lively and inspiring. Only voice, guitar and percussion are heard in the first verses where the singer sensually conveys the aesthetics of love based on his own experience. Only honesty and openness can be felt in the words of the artist, who intones with a pure velvet timbre every word that flows from this song.  

Clifford discovers the great world of love experiences and searches, he tries to capture these mysterious feelings and he succeeds. The string orchestra appear in the second part of the composition, decorating the emotions with a harmonious heartfull background. This wonderful ballad shows another side of the artist Clifford and consolidates his versatile talent as a singer-songwriter.  

Listen to the single 'Love is Real' on Spotify below and enjoy the sweet singing and romantic melodies from the wonderful new work of the artist Clifford.