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John Daniel – Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig
The artist John Daniel pleased with a real classic Swedish pop single. The singer is based in Norrköping, Sweden where he create his own wonderful music.

On September 3, a new single by this experienced artist was released and the song is called 'Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig' which translated into English means 'Let Me Say Forgive Me'. This lively song delights with its upbeats and unforgettable melodies. The light sound of the track links to the typical Swedish mood. John's vocals have a pleasant and emotional timbre that makes us follow the movement of his melodies.  

In the music video 'Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig' the singer plays the main character who is confused in his desires and the wishes of the people around him. Everyone approaches him and shows his self and no one wants to look into his heart and ask what he really thinks. Therefore, the hero must choose whether to go to the crowd or be himself and he makes the right choice. 

Watch the music video 'Låt Mig Säga Förlåt Mig' on YouTube below and enjoy the wonderful new track John Daniel.