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Loome – BIG TALK
The music of London artist Loome was created for the night tiime and it's true. Listening to his new single 'BIG TALK' released on August 13 opens the way to a fascinating journey through the night conversations that unite or separate people.

Loome focuses in his work on modern musical trends. His success in streaming platforms is proof of his well-chosen direction and singing talent, thanks to which the artist develops his own style. 

Night London absorbs the music of Loome and gives it to all the moths that open their wings to the mystery of this sacred city. In the song 'BIG TALK' the author shows break-up of relations on the other positive side with a feeling of relief. The singer soars high with his vocal parts fly over the atmospheric and rhythmic music.  

British electronic pop from Loome is a wonderful relaxing element of modern fashion movement. Listen to the single 'BIG TALK' below on Spotify and stroll through the night capital with Loome.