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Alessia Wishes – Rannin’ Star
About how the presence of extravagance affects the originality of the musician's music, we can write whole treatises and obviously one thing that it happens. Alessia Wishes, a British artist of Italian descent, confirms this theorem in his music. The singer's first mini-album called 'Rannin Star' was released on December 5, 2020 and consists of 5 tracks.

 The five tracks of amazing music and poetry captivate with their magic and expressive vision of themselves as part of art. Alessia ia seems to be the physical embodiment of her work. She takes simple things and raises them above the mundane and carries it under the banner of pure art, frank and honest. If Marc Bolan and David Bowie had attended her live acoustic guitar singing, they would probably have recorded themselves and their motives. And probably they visit the young singer in her room from time to time giving her guidance and inspiration. Many artists want to make friends with Alesia Vishes as a bohemian and not all of them will succeed, judging by the number of followers on social networks. Her sexual charisma does not give peace to the male part of humanity who once discovered her singing. Producers and musicians from all over the world helped complete her first EP into the musical forms of glam of the year, post-punk and acoustic folk. Against the background of this music, the vocalist-poet does her job successfully, she follows her own path, a way that should give her an answer to the question of who she is. Listen to Alessia Wishes' debut EP 'Rannin' Star' below in Spotify.