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Carson Aday – My Small Handful Of Gold
We are extremely pleased to cover the new works of those artists we have already talked about. Carson Aday from Texas is one such artist and today we will talk about his new single 'My Small Handful Of Gold' which was released on July 2.

The song covers the author's own experiences of breaking and understanding this from a distance. The sensual vocals of this young artist are a good incentive to listen to his realistic lyrics. His indie rock is real and close to the classic traditions of the late 90's. The characteristic guitar sound gives us a wave of rock n roll energy that gives invisible strength to experience the difficulties of reality. 

The emotional power of the song 'My Small Handful Of Gold' is a new level that Carson Aday has risen to in his creative pursuits. The memorable melody of this artist's new single overcomes in its lyrics the fateful moments associated with the given distance between loved ones. The singer is strong, he comes to life and is reborn with his music to go on with life and remember all the best moments of the experience. 

Listen to Carson Aday's single 'My Small Handful Of Gold' on Spotify below and continue to follow this artist's talented work.