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The Foxtails – Waste Of A Night
The musical duo The Foxtails released their debut single 'Waste Of A Night' on July 9th. Their song is a good gift to all fans of living in the moment and the pleasure of their presence in real time.

Really, is there time to miss and think about the endless stream of problems when summer, beach and ocean are around. When everyone can meet another beautiful person and enjoy their time together. 

Guys from Los Angeles Ethan and Kevin met to make their own music that would inspire people to a good life and an easy drive in it. In creating their debut 'Waste Of A Night', the musicians use elements of 80's synthesizer music and guitar indie music. 

The song 'Waste Of A Night' turned out to be light and minimalist with a dance rhythm and a romantic basis. A friendly song invites us to dance and waste of a night together. Listen to the single 'Waste Of A Night' from The Foxtails below on Spotify and embrace this life with a light heart and a cheerful disposition.