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Lyons – honeydripper
Young rock heroes from Detroit, the band Lyons has released their new hit 'honeydripper'. This song was inspired by the old blues song 'The Honeydripper' by Joe Liggins and received a new fresh rethinking of this idea.

The spirit of rock n roll is in this song feels perfectly and the guys are completely immersed in the drive and cycle of the rhythm of the composition. Their sincerity consists in the victory of young people who confidently going into the future. 

The rock trio Lyons inspires with their presence in the modern pop world, raising the banner of rock n roll, ska and funk colors. Their energy is a good example for skeptics of the development of a new rock movement, which leaves no chance for despair about the viability of rock n roll. Generations pass and rock n roll is alive, so this art is eternal. 

The single 'honeydripper' is a new page in Lyons' creative book where they go a little beyond their genre and give the sound a more blurred and punk sound. Listen to their single 'honeydripper' on Spotify below and rejoice with Lyons - the new blood of rock n roll.