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Lee Ford – Where It Begins
It's been about three months since Lee Ford released his debut single and whose work we marked as promising. The new single 'Where it Begins' released on July 16 continues the glorious tradition of Liverpool's Mercy Beat. The melodic basis of Lee Ford songs is a mixture of raw rock n roll and soft britpop.

The song 'Where It Begins' has a spirit of romance and mood. In fact, all evil has a tendency to end someday and humanity always comes out of a difficult situation. From such impressions a new song by Lee arose. His charisma is palpable in his lyrics and indie attitude. 

We like music with such a Liverpool sound for its simplicity and kindness for its ability to penetrate to the depths of the heart. Lee Ford's guitar has its unpretentious melody that supports the main vocals. The drive of the song rhythm increases and decreases, making the composition mobile and lively. Listen to the single 'Where It Begins' on Spotify below and follow Lee Ford's lovely creative move.