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slowride – As Above/So Below
Leeds indie band slowride released their third single 'As Above/So Below' on July 16th. Their music is difficult to compare with anything else and therefore their style seems interesting primarily because of its originality.

Indietronica from slowride is a powerful transcription of electrobits with guitars content. The energy and charm of slowride music distinguishes the lyrics in a special philosophical thought with an analysis of reality. The song 'As Above/So Below' is a hypnotic hymn that raises its hands and chants its message with deep meaning. 

In the music video 'As Above/So Below' we follow the history of the 20th century through the prism of dance, wild and emotional as an animal instinct. The film uses historical videos and despite this, everything is harmoniously intertwined with slowride's music. Throughout the past century, dance has been an integral part of our society and remains so to this day. Twist, boogie-woogie, rock n roll, new wave, rock, rave - all styles have one thing in common and we can see it by watching the music video 'As Above/So Below' on YouTube below. 

The new single from slowride is a talented work and creative idea embodied by ability British musicians.