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O’ Connell Brothers – Down On The Quays
Exquisite folk rock from the shores of Western Ireland embarks on a journey to support all who have encountered the hardships of this life. O' Connell Brothers is a music project of two brothers and friends in the spirit of Jon and Kieran. On July 9, their second single 'Down On The Quays' was released.

The song is heartfelt and balanced.  Her composure is ready to meet in a duel with all the dark angels who come once in the life of each person. Electric guitar melodies draw their beautiful patterns on the canvas of the song.  In the choruses, the vocals become softer and envelops the arrangements of the backing vocals. 

The lyrics are worthy of Bruce Springsteen himself will not leave anyone indifferent. Songs with good content are the trademark of O' Connell Brothers. With each single, they become closer and closer to their listener and their journey is just beginning. 

Listen to the single 'Down On The Quays' below on Spotify and spend your time in the company of heartfelt lyrics and melodic folk of the rock with O' Connell Brothers.