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Still Charles – Sottosopra
Still Charles released his new single 'Sottosopra' on July 16th. An Italian artist looking for his own style in music is about Still Charles.

In his new work, he talks about the obstacles that bring life to each of us and how to experience and overcome them. The motivating song 'Sottosopra' inspires us to move forward through all the troubles and disagreements that come our way.

Pop punk from Still Charles is an exciting journey with melodic passages and fast rhythm that tenses the composition, making it elastic and lively. Indie rock guitars swing the track with their effects and smooth pauses with vocal a cappella stop the shaky run of life to look back and think about how best to be to get through all bad things. 

The music of Still Charles is a mixture of several styles that reflect the author's desire to follow the latest trends in the infinite space of modern song art. Listen to the single 'Sottosopra' on Spotify below and become as firm and strong as the song-message from Still Charles.