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Artfair – Something More
'Something More' is the second single by London indie rockers Artfair, released on July 16. For all fans of British sound mix of indie rock and pop rock such as The Kooks, this single will be the best gift of the day.

Five wonderful musicians came together to create a quality music product that can be presented to a large audience and not only their mums. The Artfair tracks recorded in the studio are well represented in the transatlantic space and the growth of their popularity is obviously only a matter of time. 

The great play of Artfair musicians is especially noticeable in the new single 'Something More'. Impeccable lyrics are transmitted at a high semantic level and can become food for an intellectual meal. The overall groove of the Artfair airplane encourages us to follow the development of the composition 'Something More' and its arrangement decorations. The guitarist and keyboardist find themselves perfectly in the graceful rhythm of the track. 

Listen to Artfair's single 'Something More' below on Spotify and check out the best examples of the British capital's new indie music.