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Carl Adams – To Traverse The Hereafter
On July 16, a new single by composer and multi-instrumentalist Carl Adams was released. The artist is based in Atlanta, USA and his new work is called 'To Traverse The Hereafter'.

Carl Adams' music is extremely cosmic and mesmerizing. Under the skillful fingers of the maestro arise simple and familiar melodies at the same time we understand that we have never heard it before. Harmonious arpeggio with a hypnotic background of the composition 'To Traverse The Hereafter' bring us a screen through which we contemplate the whole universe. The sky, stars, planets and comets - all this flies before our eyes in an instant while this music continues. 

The melody of the deep cosmic ocean is transmitted in a retro 80s synthesizer. The minimalism and conciseness of the new single from Carl Adams revives in us the romance of endless flight over our dreams and desires. Talented work from a talented musician is always straightforward and accessible to enlightenment by mental thinking and worldview. 

Listen to the single 'To Traverse The Hereafter' by Carl Adams on Spotify below and feel the vastness of space behind everything.