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Foggy May – It’s All A Joke
Rock band Foggy May from Baltimore, USA has been giving rock and roll, funk and reggae art to all fans of the foggy and sweet alloy for 10 years now. On July 4, their third full-length album 'It's All A Joke' was released. The album present 13 tracks and the record came out cool and alive with the energy of a real rock n roll band.

In the first song 'Weekend Thinker' we catch the classic groove funk of the 90's and indie of the 00's. Magnificent instrumentation strikes with its ingenuity and riff content. A song like 'Desire Plans' is a gentle R&B with a fateful sound that playfully conveys all the groove and grace of the track. 'Breasts Draped in Black' is based on a memorable guitar riff and beautiful verses that alternate in their lively sequence.  

Pop rock 'Lady Lover' has an interesting structure that is gaining momentum each time approaching the chorus. The retro style of the song has a good section of pop traditions of the 70s. The song 'Young Gong' is a multi-layered composition with unpredictable cascading arrangements and a sense of rhythm.  

The guys from the band Foggy May is definitely a talented trio that professes their love of rock n roll with their songs. Listen to the full album 'It's All A Joke' on Spotify below and get real live music from Foggy May.