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Reality Suite – Awaken (Deluxe Edition)
There are plenty of wonderful new bands that profess the aesthetics of the classic rock, and this only pleases and gives confidence in the future development of rock n roll. One such band is Reality Suite from New Jersey, USA.

Their style and presentation distinguishes them from their colleagues by the quality of creative thinking and arranging innovations. Reality Suite's latest full-length album is called 'Awaken' and it recently released again on vinyl exclusively through Spin Me Round Records. The work includes 12 tracks. Let's describe a few of them. Below on Spotify is the whole album 'Awaken (Deluxe Edition)'. 

'Kiss the Ring' begins with the singing of the anthem in the style of Bon Jovi. Female vocals add to the music of Reality Suite sophistication and grace interrupted by beautiful guitar solos. The synthesizer riff of the song memorize the motif and leave it in our memory for a long time. 'Bury Me Alive 'begins with a powerful guitar riff that turns into a cascading rhythm of poems and great pop chorus.  

The pop rock song 'Wrong with Me' has beautiful melodies with guitar arpeggios and inspiring wide choruses. The album also includes one acoustic song 'Grave (Unplugged)' a version of the powerful original track 'Grave' that is emotional. The romantic meaning takes us into a whirlpool of feelings sung by the unforgettable voice of the singer Reality Suite.