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Stask – Harmony
Stask is a promising electronic musician from Paris, France. His creative path carries experiments in electronic, dance and indie music. On July 16, his mini album 'Harmony' was released, which included 5 tracks.

The album opens with the song 'Girl' with robotic vocals and hip hop rhythm. The rhythm section is full of percusions and synthesizer riffs. The choruses include a romantic vocal of the singer who sings melodic about the most important thing. 'Institut' received elements of exoticism in rhythm with dance beat. Beck vocals fly over the musical background adding a playful mood. 

The track 'Logo' sounds like a cascading rhythm with minimalist synthesizers and a guitar background. 'Low Fidelity' is an alternative pop style song with a dance groove. The title song 'Harmony' is a track with an indie guitars and disco motifs.  

The creative work of the artist Stask brings positivity, thoughtfulness and harmony. Listen to EP 'Harmony' on Spotify below to lift your spirits with light dance tunes from Stask.