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Azure Wolf – Crash and Burn
The folk rock band Azure Wolf offers a great sound and mood in their work. The team is based in Winchester, USA. Their new single 'Crash and Burn' was released on July 11 and delighted fans of great American folk.

The band was formed in March 2020 and having met the lockdown, the musicians have established themselves well in online concerts and festivals.  Focusing on singles, Azure Wolf confidently continues his movement in the fields of rock n roll and folk. 

The song 'Crash and Burn' has a viscous melodic structure formed by the vocal line of frontwoman Victoria Backle. Her calm emotional message leads us into a world of experience and suffering, doubt and hope. Acoustic guitars and acoustic drums bring us closer to the mood of the song, making it close and understandable. 

The optimal accompaniment of the ensemble harmoniously distinguishes the lyrics and vocals of the singer, turning this work into a real musical art. Listen to the single 'Crash and Burn' below on Spotify and get a fresh wave of folk rock of the year from Azure Wolf.