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Ali Pips – Black Dahlia Smile Me
Pianist and composer Ali Pips went through a long creative journey full of search and experimentation until she came together with Dominique Lenore Persito create a true masterpiece of avant-garde rock. This single is called 'Black Dahlia Smile Me' and it has absorbed all the skill and professionalism of the musical team who worked on this work.

The song 'Black Dahlia Smile Me' is nothing like anything and only one this fact speaks of the high bar set by the musicians. Ali Pips studied classical piano as a child and took many things from the baggage of knowledge of his father who was a professional musician who played New Orleans jazz. Ali grew up in an environment that nurtured her aesthetic taste on the basis of classical, jazz and experimental music. 

In the song 'Black Dahlia Smile Me' Ali also sings and her vocals organically fall into the cascades of rock cabaret. Progressive music changes its structure many times, creating a kaleidoscope of images and a whirlwind of melodies. Groove funk, jazz progressions, rock guitars and avant-garde expression are all present in this one song and it's hard to describe in one style or word. Progressive music by Ali Pips with elements of rock and pop styles will be remembered for a long time. Listen to her single 'Black Dahlia Smile Me' below on Spotify.