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Morning Trips – We Have No Time (For Now)
'We Have No Time (For Now)' is the name of a new single by the American band Morning Trips from Florida. This wonderful group of four musicians has a truly charismatic musical mindset that affects their work. The new single was released on July 15 and has the potential to be a real hit.

The alternative rock band Morning Trips incorporates the sounds of American pop music of the early 00s and Britpop of the 90s. Pleasant vocals are served in a calm narrative in verses and emo manner in the choruses. Rock sound is diluted by weak synthesizers and retro backing vocals. The song is danceable and immediately starts with its subversive rhythm and graceful melodies. 

The music video 'We Have No Time (For Now)' has that fabulously mesmerizing atmosphere of MTV era clips of the 90s when the holiday is felt in the frame, and rock bands looked like a deities from the TV screens. Stylistically selected video work successfully conveys the color of the movement and retro parties of the recent past. The time machine drags the protagonist and us into the world of unreal music and drive. Watch the music video 'We Have No Time (For Now)' below on YouTube and dive into other time dimensions with the band Morning Trips.